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Ink Slingers For Hire

Corporation Associates Pencraft Studio writing copy for all your needs.

Article Writers For Hire

Let's look at some ideas for an article about your business, products, or events. Your vision and our writing, you will have a great literary work ready for print, the web, or stand-alone handouts.

We Assist With Blog Posts

A great Blog begins with high-quality content. Our writers research, then story board to create Blog passages your readers will not want to miss.

Ghost Writers

A book is a wonderful accomplishmet. Our ghost writers will help you connect the dots so you finish an incredible product. Let us know your vision and we will write content that matches your style.

Our Team Delivers Original Content For Your Projects

Original Copy

Original Copy

Our business is built on writing original content for our clients. Our Ink Slingers are available to write content for your project. We write content for books, magazines, online articles, Blogs, proposals, and more.

Story Boarding

Story Boarding

Once you have identified your next written work, we will help you by story-boarding the flow. Every word counts, and with our professional writers, you will wow your audience. Our sessions are designed to capture all the ideas that you want to include. Let's create something great.

Media Recording

Recording Your Media

Turn your books, articles, and Blog's into an audio recording. You can put audio versions on your website, or sell an audio book for an additional revenue stream. We record your work with a male or female voice. Choose from our voice library for the exact sounding finished product.

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